RADUGA GREZ Mountains Arch Stacker Natural Large

RADUGA GREZ Mountains Arch Stacker Natural Large

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These Large Mountain Stackers have been discontinued by Raduga Grez and what’s left is the last of it worldwide.

The mountains arch stacker is a toy that will replace 10 other toys. It developes children creativity it also will  expand the gaming capabilities of other toys.

Hand-made and dyed using non-toxic water-based dyes and left unlaсquered. 

INCLUDES : 7 different sizes nesting blocks
SIZE : 30 x 15 x 4 cm
MATERIAL : lime wood, without lacquer
ORIGIN : Made in Russia with 💜

🔹 We do not cover the wood structure with thick layer of paint and lacquer. Our toys are velvety to the touch
🔹 Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them 
🔹 Recommended for children 3+ 
🔹 Proper use is absolutely safe.
🔹 Actual colors may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colors settings.

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