WOBBEL Board Felt Sky

WOBBEL Board Felt Sky



Is it a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack, a lounge seat, or an elephants back?  It’s all of that and more!  Wobbel boards invite movement and play indoors; stimulate creativity and imagination; encourage strength, balance and poise; and have practical uses too.  Children instinctively know what the possibilities are and keep discovering new ways to play with the Wobbel.


The felted base is recommended if you intend to use your Wobbel on any surface other than carpet or a rug. The felt base will protect your floors and dampen the sound.  It also adds a non-slippery and softer surface when the Wobbel is being used as a seat or step.


  • Suitable for children of all ages from 0+

  • CE saftety tested to European and Australian standards.

  • Tested to take weight up to 200kg.

  • Made from natural materials and chemical free.

  • Finished with water-based translucent lacquer.

  • Made sustainably in Europe from layers of FSC beechwood.

  • ECO felt layer is made from natural wool and water-based paints.

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